118. (i love that photo)

itw and photographs published by i love that photo.

muddy waters - hoochie coochie man


117. (indie photobook library)

i'm very happy that 'beat beat beat' and 'circulaciĆ³n' are now both part of the indie photobook library.

'founded in 2010, the indie photobook library seeks to showcase and preserve photography books not readily viewed by the general public. the photobooks in this collection include self-published photobooks, photobooks independently published and distributed, photography exhibition catalogs, print-on-demand photobooks, artist books, photozines, photobooks printed on newsprint, limited edition photobooks, non-english language photography books, etc.; in short, photobooks that are not collected by traditional libraries in the united states.'

thanks larissa.

check here :
:::indie photobook library
:::beat beat beat

116. (macula fanzine)

photographs on macula fanzine